Ladder of Escape 17 – Jelte Althuis & Henny Heikens

Ladder of Escape 17 Jelte Althuis bass clarinet Henny Heikens organ Allons-Y Wim de Ruiter Organum Floridum Daan Manneke Slangenkuil Ron Ford Salto Oene van Geel, arr. Jelte Althuis Sluipweg Guus Janssen God Bless the Child Holiday-Herzog Jr, Dolphy, Hekkema, arr. Jelte Althuis Through the Looking Glass Hans Koolmees Total lenght: 69.05

Electra – Able to Be

a cd & dvd production (PAL, region free) David Dramm – Baton Rouge Massacre Louis Andriessen – The New Math(s) & Shopping List of a Poisoner Jacob ter Veldhuis – Able to Be Ron Ford – Seeds of Paradise Corrie van Binsbergen – the Fifth Element Donnacha Dennehy – The Weathering Musicians Monica Germino, violin/electric violin Tatiana Koleva, mallets/marimba Susanna Borsch, recorder/electronics Michaela Riener, voice

Telemann & ten Dutch composers – Eleonore Pameijer – twelve Fantasias

Eleonore Pameijer Telemann twelve Fantasias & ten Dutch composers A project around the 12 Fantasias for flute solo by G. Ph. Telemann With musical comments by Otto Ketting Rob Zuidam Guus Janssen Misha Mengelberg Jeff Hamburg Theo Verbey Ron Ford Louis Andriessen Theo Loevendie Robert Heppener

Ladder of Escape 9 – Ernestine Stoop – harp

Ladder of Escape no 9 Ernestine Stoop – harp Louis Andriessen – Choral 1 Calliope Tsoupaki – Pirouette Ron Ford – Broken Melody Isang Yun – In Balance Kaja Saariaho – Fall Elliot Carter – Bariolage Guus Janssen – Tapdance Paul Davies – Berlin Motives Keyla Orozco – Arpa Louis Andriessen – Choral 2

Louis Andriessen – Solos for Virtuosi

Louis Andriessen Solos for virtuosi 1. Triplum 1962 Robby Faverey – guitar 2. Souvenirs d’enfance: Etude pour les timbres 1962 Ralph van Raat – piano 3. Sweet for recorders 1964 Walter van Hauwe – recorder 4. Choralvorspiele 1969 The Busy Drone – barrel organ 5. Ende 1980 Frans Brüggen – recorder 6. Trepidus 1983 Gerard Bouwhuis – piano 7. Deuxième chorale 1992 Ron Ford – music box 8. To Pauline …

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Het Trio – Ringing the Changes – Donatoni, Brophy, Loevendie, Smetanin…

Het Trio Ringing the Changes Harrie Starreveld – flutes Harry Sparnaay – bass clarinet René Eckhardt – piano Andrew Ford – Ringing the Changes (1990) Paolo Perezzani – Il volto della notte (1987) Gerard Brophy – Head (1988) Theo Loevendie – Plus one (1979) Michael Whiticker – Min–Amé (1988) Henri Kergomard – Tropê (1990) Michael Smetanin -Spray (1990) Franco Donatoni – Het (1990)

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